Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jared's One!

How did my little guy turn one?!  I'm so sad about it!!!  I can't think about it or it makes me cry.  I will never have a tiny baby in my house again.  I'm having a hard time being ok with the new phase in my life.  I wish I could have ten babies but then they grow up...

Here are pictures of Jared though the last year.
 His sister were excited to see him!!  

 I miss my dad so much!  Jared loved to snuggle with him.  He couldn't do anything but sit there.  My dad sure loved it too!!

 First time he crawled.

 Poor Jared his sisters think he is a doll.

 Crawling through a tunnel.  

Sisters playing house and he is the doll.

 We just wrapped tons of toys up we already had.  He doesn't care.  

He wanted to touch the fire and we wouldn't let him so he started crying.

He loved his cake!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Natalie's 5th Birthday

Natalie turned 5 on April 16th.  How did this happen!?  She is so big now.  She got another bladder infection on her birthday so we had to postpone her party.  Yep she has another one.  We have been to primary children's twice and can't figure out what's going on.  She is even on medication when she gets them.
It wasn't Natalie's year to have a birthday party but last year I was SO sick with Jared that she just had a few friends to play while I was sick on the couch.  I decided to let her have a party this year to make it up to her.  She wanted a barbie party so we went all out!  She got a pretend ipad so she can play doctor.  She goes to the doctor a lot and they all used ipads now.  She got a barbie nursery that has a baby in it that pees and a barbie jet ski.   She got a baby doll carrier, doll swimming suit, and doll double stroller.

 She was so cute!  She kept posing for all of her pictures.  

We got this from Sam's club

 Garland made out of barbie clothes!

  We made a barbie box out of a box Lori had.  Natalie is the barbie!  They LOVED this thing!

Barbie's silhouette
The girls silhouette's 
 We read barbie books, ate barbie cake, watched a barbie movie, painted nails, colored barbie pictures, and made barbie silhouettes.  

 I sent them home with lots of goodies!  Natalie had so much fun!!  

Kaylynn's 8th Birthday and Baptism

Kaylynn's birthday was on April 8th and she turned 8!  She got to have a party this year.  She invited 4 girls. It was a rainbow/Tinker Bell fairy party.  She got the princess so that the princesses can dance and marry them.  She also got a Periwinkle barbie from Tinker Bell (big and small).  Natalie and Kaylynn both got to share a power wheels cadillac.  I got it for $40 and sold their old one for $40.  It needed a new battery which was $50.  It was the best $50 I have ever spent.  They are on that thing every day.  At the party I made them mini cakes that they got to decorate in every rainbow color.  I got these little bottles that have lids  on them.  Then I got pixie sticks.  They filled the bottles with pixie sticks to make pixie dust.  It was a big hit.

As for Kaylynn's baptism we weren't sure if she was going to do it.  She gets nervous in front of people.  It's a long story.  She was crying the morning of.  We made it just before it started.  Jared hadn't eaten yet.  Brad and Chris were out of town.  Matt's parents and brother's family came.  It was small.  Mostly I was sad my dad couldn't be there.  My mom cried the whole time.  Which made Kaylynn cry which made me cry.  I had to leave for most of the program to feed Jared.  It wasn't the best but I think Kaylynn was happy in the end.  And we never got one picture from the whole day...